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Learn more than just English

International students choose to study in the U.S. for many reasons — some want to improve their English proficiency, others seek to enroll in a degree program, and many just want to experience life on an American college campus. Global Launch provides a community that gives you the support you need and the opportunities necessary to achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

Academic success

Basic knowledge of the English language is necessary to understand the information in a conversational setting, but if you want to be successful at a top American university like Arizona State University, you will need to learn how to interact with your classmates, speak to your teachers, give presentations and more.

These university skills cannot be measured or taught through tests like the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE. In fact, research shows that students who learn these extra skills do better in their university classes than other first-time ASU international students.

Enhance your experience 

Learning a new language is difficult, especially when you are away from your home country. When you participate in Global Launch academic success activities and volunteer opportunities, you will learn to use your new English language skills to participate in every-day conversations, help other students and make a difference in your new home here at ASU.

Connect activities

Cultural and language immersion is very important when learning a new language. This means that while classroom learning can give you the skills you need to learn a new language, you must practice using that language in your community to help you build confidence and remember the language better. Global Launch provides Connect Activities to help you use your language outside of the classroom every single day, improve your academic performance and make friends! These events include:

  • Conversation Café: Join the conversation! Meet old and new friends and have fun as you practice English conversation. 
  • Reading Circles: Get extra reading and conversation practice by reading and discussing books with your Global Launch classmates and ASU students.
  • Global Hangouts: Enjoy video games, board games, food and fun with your Global Launch classmates and ASU friends.
  • Field Trips: Take trips to local art and cultural events, visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and much more!
  • Indoor sports
  • Group exercise
  • ASU campus cultural event
  • TOEFL Power-Up
  • Pop Culture theater
  • ...and more

Learn more about the Global Launch CONNECT activities here.

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Global Launch provides free tutoring services to all Global Launch students who need additional help outside of the classroom. These tutoring services are provided by Global Launch educators and top-quality members of ASU's Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL) degree program.


Global Launch students who earn all A's and B's and attend all of their classes are invited to join the Global Launch A-Team. A-Team students are student leaders who help new international students during Welcome Week and in Connect Activities. A-Team students also earn valuable volunteer experience to add to their resume/CV and improve their English language skills through service to others and to the rest of the Arizona State University community.