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Global Launch offers 11 online English courses for learners who want to improve their language skills from home while still receiving a quality education from a world-renowned American university. Our courses are designed to improve your English as well as your advanced problem-solving, critical thinking, and academic writing skills.

Course details

Each course takes eight weeks to complete, and requires 5-10 hours of study per week. 

Created on the principle of active learning, each course will encourage you to improve your English through speaking, listening, grammar, writing and reading activities. You will also receive immediate and ongoing feedback on your progress within each course.

When you complete each course with a grade of 70% or better, you will earn an ASU course completion certificate.

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The cost for all online courses excluding the English for Admission courses is $350.

Online diagnostic test

Global Launch provides a free online diagnostic test that will tell you which course you should take to begin your English study. Based on your test score, Global Launch will determine your current English language skill level, and will recommend the course that's right for you. Your test results are graded using the following scale:

0% - 64%, you are qualified for Learn English Now! Course 1
65% - 74%, you are qualified for Learn English Now! Course 2
75% - 84%, you are qualified for Learn English Now! Course 3
85% - 94%, you are qualified for Learn English Now! Course 4
95% +, you are qualified for Global Launch's business, academic or admission courses

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