Life at Global Launch

Your campus is your home away from home.

Global Launch and the ASU Intensive English Program are located in the heart of Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. From the moment you step onto campus, you will see what a special place it is. Well-manicured courtyards shaded paths, and beautiful desert gardens invite you to discuss life with classmates or friends. Walks through our academic buildings reveal all the great work our faculty and students are accomplishing. 

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Sponsored Activities and Trips

Check out a calendar of our Spring A 2020 session activities exclusively for Global Launch students!

Global Launch hosts events and activities for students to practice English conversation, meet new friends and experience American culture. Students will have a chance to enjoy the beauty and diversity of Arizona and the unique Southwestern United States.

All Day Trips

  • Grand Canyon Be amazed by the beautiful Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.
  • Sedona, Arizona Enjoy the red rock sandstone towers of Sedona, a majestic destination famous for its spiritual and recreational activities.
  • Old Tucson, Arizona Learn about the 'Wild West' through a movie studio tour and then visit a museum about Arizona desert animals and landscape.

Around Town

  • Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) Visit a world-renowned museum containing musical instruments from around the world. 
  • Sporting Events ASU American football, ASU basketball, professional American football, baseball, soccer, and basketball.
  • Main Event Entertainment Fun ranging from the arcade, bowling, billiards, laser tag, obstacle courses and more.
  • Movie Nights Watch a popular American movie that is simultaneously being studied through extracurricular academic activities.
  • Renaissance Festival An amusement park centered around 16th Century music, art, crafts, performances, and food.
  • Ringling Brothers Circus An exciting American performance with circus artists and exotic animals.
  • Hale Theatre Theater performed by live actors of famous American stories.
  • 3D Space Exploration A planetarium show highlighting earth and space science themes originating from ASU research.
  • Various Cultural Celebrations On and Off-Campus The sharing of customs, music, dancing, and food for various American holidays.
  • Graduation Ceremony The formal celebration of Advanced 2 students receiving their certificate of completion from the Global Launch program surrounded by friends and family.

Academic Success Activities

  • Conversation Café
  • TOEFL Power-up
  • Tutoring Services

Around Town

Cheer on the Sun Devils with other ASU students! Download instructions on how to get tickets. This offer is for IEP students only.