ASU admission

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Arizona State University accepts the Global Launch International Graduate Preparation Program (IGPP) as proof of English proficiency for admission into master's degree programs in business, engineering and global management. This means that if you complete the IGPP program, you will not be required to re-take the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE exams to begin your university degree.

If you are interested in attending the IGPP with the goal of ASU admission, please follow these steps:

1) Apply to your intended degree program at ASU. Learn more about Graduate admission at Arizona State University.

2) Receive "admission with deficiencies." This means that you have received admission to ASU under the condition that you improve your English proficiency to meet the standards of your ASU degree program. If you are eligible, a notice of "admission with deficiencies" will be provided to you by your degree program. 

3) Apply to the IGPP. Once you receive your notice of "admission with deficiencies" from ASU, you must submit an application to the International Graduate Preparation Program.

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Progression to ASU

Progression into your intended degree program at ASU requires a passing score from the International Graduate Preparation Program.