Learning outcomes

  • Increase listening comprehension within a native-fluency language environment

  • Incorporate specific strategies to cope with an accelerated reading load required in master’s level programs

  • Develop students’ understanding of American academic culture, with a focus on academic integrity,  in order to enhance their cross-cultural awareness, while strengthening the fundamental communication skills critical for success in an academic environment grounded in a global awareness

  • Identify and reduce pronunciation difficulties in English, targeting concrete strategies for differentiating between different phonemes and morphemes to achieve maximum results in a short period of time

  • Develop listening and reading skills to inform and enhance academic writing and small group discussions

  • Develop a research question related to specific field of study 

  • Evaluate, select and summarize credible sources of information

  • Write essays with citations that incorporate paraphrases of others’ ideas to support one’s point of view

  • Create and deliver an academic presentation with appropriate use of paraphrase and summary of sources

  • Write a response synthesizing information from multiple sources

  • Write a research paper synthesizing information from multiple sources in response to research question and findings

Credit hours

The International Graduate Preparation program is a non-credit program, which means that you will not receive university credit for participating.


Admission requirements for IGPP

To be eligible for the International Graduate Preparation Program, you must have one of the following:

Notice from your ASU graudate degree program of choice to take the course.


Bachelor’s degree* and one of the following:

  • TOEFL: minimum of 80
  • IELTS: minimum of 6.5 (no band under 6.0)
  • Completion of the Advanced 2 level of the Global Launch intensive English program with A’s and B’s
  • Interest to improve your English language proficiency for a master's degree program at ASU or any other American University.